Embrace Comfort in Motherhood: The Wonders of Silverette® Silver Nursing Cups

Embrace Comfort in Motherhood: The Wonders of Silverette® Silver Nursing Cups

Becoming a mother is an odyssey filled with love, challenges, and beautiful moments. Among these is the journey of breastfeeding – a unique bond between mother and child. However, this natural process can sometimes bring discomfort, such as soreness, irritation and lets be real - excruciating pain! This is where Silverette® Silver Nursing Cups, made from exquisite 925 silver from Italy, come into play, offering a soothing solution for breastfeeding mothers.

Why Silverette®?

Since 2002, Silverette® has been a go-to for mothers worldwide, thanks to its innovative design and the healing properties of silver. These cups are easy to use, fitting comfortably over the breasts and providing relief and protection between nursing sessions. The silver's natural properties help to prevent, protect, and alleviate nipple soreness, blisters, and irritation often associated with breastfeeding.

The Power of Silver

Why silver, you might ask? Silver has been recognized for its natural healing and antibacterial properties. When it comes to breastfeeding, these properties are invaluable. Silverette® cups utilise these benefits to help reduce inflammation and prevent infection, ensuring a safer and more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Sizes for Every Mother

Silverette® understands that every mother's body is unique. That's why they offer two sizes:

  1. Silverette® XL: Perfect for mothers with an areola dimension of more than 4.5cm or a breast cup size above C. Its design caters to a larger areola area, ensuring comfort for all shapes and sizes.

  2. Silverette® Regular: The original size, suitable for breast cup sizes A, B, & C, and areola sizes up to 4.5cm. This size has been helping mothers since 2002, offering the same exceptional protection and comfort.

Personal Experience & Recommendations

As a mother of four who has experienced the wonders of Silverette® first-hand, I can attest to their life-changing impact. These nursing cups provided relief during my breastfeeding journey with two of my children, transforming a challenging experience into a more comfortable and joyful one. I first became aware of Silverette cups about 5 weeks after giving birth to my third child - Frankie. I was in excruciating pain, with cracked and bleeding nipples - and despite being a Midwife myself - teaching others to breastfeed, having already breastfed 2 other children previously, nothing I had tried was working. Each feed was a nightmare that would sometimes result in tears as it was so painful. A beautiful follower of ours recommended Silverette to me and with no word of a lie, my nipples had healed after 2 days of using them! It only made sense for us to then stock this wonderful product at Pip and Lenny so that other mothers had access to them. 

My best advice for using the cups is to wear them at every opportunity (continuously) unless showering or feeding of course. Wear them inside your bra so they stay in place and they work best if you can squeeze a drop or two of milk into the cup before putting them on so that the milk can work its magic on your sore nipple. Aren't our bodies incredible!!

For expecting mothers or those new to motherhood, Silverette® nursing cups are not just a product but a companion in your journey. They are an excellent gift for baby showers or a personal purchase in preparation for the beautiful path of breastfeeding. They can also help if your babe decides that it's a good idea to bite you when teething! Yes, unfortunately that is a reality for some! Ouch!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Silverette® Silver Nursing Cups are more than just a breastfeeding accessory; they are a testament to the comfort, care, and healing mothers deserve. Whether you're an expecting mother planning to breastfeed or currently navigating the joys and challenges of breastfeeding, consider Silverette® as your supportive ally. Embrace comfort, embrace motherhood, embrace Silverette®.


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