About Pip and Lenny

We are Justine and Bec. Two mums and Midwives that followed an idea and made it our reality.
Here at Pip and Lenny, we are immersed in the world of kids' fashion – we're surrounded by tiny outfits all day everyday and happily dress our own children in them!

Nestled in the calm suburbs of Adelaide, we thrive in the midst of the splendid chaos that is our children (we have 8 children between us). Working from home comes with its challenges but holds a special place in our hearts!
We take immense pride in our dedication to fashion excellence, with a keen eye on consciously sourced treasures and impeccable, high quality materials.
Our 'best day' in the office is crafting unique outfits with boundless creativity and meticulous attention to detail. We take our role very seriously here at Pip and Lenny and are devoted to bringing you and your children new and exciting pieces that stand out and have a point of difference from other boutiques like ours.
Every outfit we create is a genuine labour of love, with each piece thoughtfully selected to suit the young wearer and the occasion and to make sure that our pieces are of high quality to ensure they can be worn with ease and handed down to future siblings.
We have built a community of loyal customers at Pip and Lenny and you are all so special to us. We are here to chat all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood - to fill the void of Midwifery chat that we miss greatly!
We firmly believe that kids' fashion has the power to bring immense joy and charm to any moment, and we take pride in curating collections that perfectly enhance every childhood adventure and milestone.
Beyond our obsession for all things fashion, we are deeply committed to supporting other small businesses with similar views and values. We pride ourselves in fostering a sense of community and sustainability, which is why we always try to source the majority of our clothing and accessories from other independent small businesses who share our similar values.

Whether you're in need of a jaw-dropping outfit for a special event, an outfit for home which screams comfort, or a heart-warming gift for a loved one, Pip and Lenny is here to deliver.
If you have any questions for us or would simply like to reach out, please email Justine and Bec at: