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Waffle Blanket - Sky Blue
Waffle Blanket - Sky Blue
Waffle Blanket - Sky Blue

Waffle Blanket - Sky Blue



Our soft linen blanket has a beautiful natural look and structure. Soft to the touch and light, convenient to use as a cover at home, on a walk or on the beach. Thanks to the unique linen properties, blanket can be also used as a towel. We recommend taking it when travelling, they will be irreplaceable in many situations.

Comes with cotton mashbag, in which you can take it anywhere you want.


48% linen, 52% cotton with OEKO-TEX 100 certificate

Blanket is made of the ideal combination of linen and cotton. Linen has amazing qualities. It absorbs the water on the highest level among all natural fabrics. This fiber can absorb up to 25% of its weight and does not feel wet. Linen has anti allergic and antibacterial properties, is a natural antiseptic. Moreover, it protects against harmful UV radiation.


dimensions: 115 cm x 85 cm (+/- 5 cm due to the flexible fabric’s properties)

composition: 48% linen, 52% cotton

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