Soleil Sandals - Crema

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Soleil Sandals - Crema
Soleil Sandals - Crema
Soleil Sandals - Crema
Soleil Sandals - Crema

Soleil Sandals - Crema

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Size 5/6 (18/24 months-13.4cm)

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/so-lay/: (sun in French). 

Designed for sunny adventures at the beach as well as birthday parties and picnics in the park, our new Soleil sandals  are a must have for this summer.  Made from the softest genuine natural leather, these versatile sandals are gentle on delicate young feet making them perfect for first walkers, babies learning to walk, toddlers and little children. 

Featuring a gorgeous handcrafted artisan weave, they have hints of the classics and a sense of old world whimsy.  We have also gone the extra mile and designed them with a unique moulded footbed which provides contoured support and luxury comfort that is lightweight and durable enough for everyday wear. 


  • Gender neutral, unisex design suitable for both boys and girls

  • Buttery soft and comfortable, natural leather straps in a beautiful artisan weave

  • Moulded footbed for contoured support, covered in soft breathable natural leather for comfort in warm weatheR


Sizing: Measure your child's foot from heel to the tip of their big toe and add about 1cm for growth. Then order your required size based off this measurement, the age guide is for reference only.

Choosing the right size shoe for your little one as they are learning to walk need not be a difficult task, and a good baby shoe size guide can help. To keep it simple and consistent, our beautiful baby, toddler and children's shoes follow Australian sizing. However, to make it easier for everyone, we've included a handy sizing conversion table / chart so that you can easily convert and compare between European, American, UK and Australian sizes. 

All you need to do is measure your child's foot from heel to the tip of their big toe and add about 1cm for growing. Handy hint: We sometimes find it easier to put their feet on a piece of blank paper, trace around it and then measure after.

Then order your required size based off the cm measurement (don't forget to add that extra cm). If your baby is between sizes or you aren't completely sure, select the larger size. They do grow quite quickly!


SIZE (AU / UK) Sole Length (cm) Age Guide (Approx) EU Size US Size
3 11.8 cm 6-12 month old 19 4
4 12.6 cm 12-18 month old 20 5
5 13.4 cm 18-24 month old 21/22 6
6 14.2 cm 2 year old 23 7
7 14.6 cm 2.5 year old 24 8
8 15.6 cm 3 year old 25/25.5 9
9 16.5 cm 3.5 year old 26.5/27 10
10 17.1 cm 4 year old 28 11

 The table above should be used as a guide only as children's feet can vary considerably even between children of the same age.