Sage Leather Boots
Sage Leather Boots

Sage Leather Boots

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100% leather.

Being professional wrigglers, little ones are fantastic at losing their pre-walkers. Lapito hopes to cover every parents' need: 

  • Shoes are soft and flexible as infants' feet are not yet fully formed so it is important to use soft sole shoes to support and allow their feet to grow. 
  • They are handmade entirely from leather which enables you to open the tongue and sides of the shoe wide for an easy fit.
  • The heel strap helps you pull the shoe onto the foot, with a soft padded sole and top edge for extra support and protection. 

It is important to select the correct size.

All you need to do is measure your little one's foot from heel to toe and order a size that is at least 1cm larger than the child's foot length.

That extra length is essential to allow their toes to wiggle, muscles to form and their feet to grow.

Happy sizing!

Size 2- length of shoe 11cm

size 3- length of shoe 12.3cm

size 4- length of shoe 12.8cm