Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki

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Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki
Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki

Original High Top Sneaker - Khaki

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Size 21

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  • Made out of premium certified organic cotton
  • Podiatrist Recommended
  • Removable supportive insole (can be replaced with a podiatrist approved orthotic, see your podiatrist for recommendations)
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy 3 velcro strap closure
  • Genuine non-slip rubber sole
  • Sizing – these shoes run HALF a size larger than Standard, so be sure to check out our the sizing below 

Care Tips:
These shoes have been tested to be machine washed at 30°C. However we do recommend hand-washing where possible. To spot clean, we recommend using a fine brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub any affected areas.

Podiatrist Recommended

Piccolini have designed a shoe which allows new walkers, active toddlers and early school children’s feet to grow and develop naturally, whilst still receiving support in all the right places!
Every part of our shoe has been considered when it comes to supporting and maintaining comfort for little feet. Literally from the ground up!

The sole of the shoe allows for extreme flexibility in the ball of the foot, offers shock absorbing traction in the ball of the foot and is made of non-slip genuine rubber, to allow your child’s feet to grip easily and avoid too many falls!

Every pair of Piccolini Shoes has a removable insole. This insole has been designed to help support the child’s foot, but does not force to mould the foot. The front section of the shoe is designed to be slightly wider, so their little toes can wriggle around and not be restricted. The insole can be easily replaced by a personalised orthotic if needed.

Finally, the upper! After many designs and sampling, the first design to go into production is our ‘Original High Top’. The three velcro straps allow for easy adjustability. One strap around the ankle offers more support where needed.

Organic Cotton

One of the most important things is to design a shoe that will not cause more harm to our environment, or even to ourselves.
After researching for many many months, sourcing a material that is not dyed or grown using harmful, toxic chemicals, Piccolini shoes partnered with a supplier who produces Organic Cotton.

Quality Materials

We take pride in knowing that the materials used to make our unique sneakers are the best quality.
Every pair of shoes that walk out of Piccolini, are made with Certified Organic cotton, both the upper and the lining.
The soles of the shoes are made out of genuine rubber and are designed to endure many kicks and knocks.
They grip to all surfaces and are designed with the ability to bend and flex in all the right places.
A lot of time was spent sourcing a durable velcro. This means no more fluff getting caught in your shoes!

Machine Washable

Piccolini kids shoes have been tested to be machine washable. See below instructions best to follow;
-Remove insoles from the shoes before placing in laundry bag and into the washing machine.
-Machine washing has been tested on the shoes to 30’C
-Use “footwear” setting if possible and set to low spin cycle
-Wash separately to avoid possible colour bleed to other clothes
-Dry the shoes naturally, out of direct sunlight.


Please note tthese shoes run HALF a size larger than standard, so be sure to measure your little ones feet

kids shoe size conversion chart size conversion chart

All sizes are approximates. We suggest following the steps below, explaining how to measure your child’s foot to get the most accurate size.


  1. Take a blank piece of paper and lay it flat on the ground, with edge of paper against a wall
  2. Ask your child to stand one foot on to the piece of paper, making sure their heel is touching the back of the wall and they are standing up as straight as possible
  3. Take a pencil and draw a line on the paper where the end of their longest toe is
  4. Good news! Your child can run off to play now and you can finish the rest
  5. Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn. Use this measurement to determine the length of your child’s foot and use our size chart as a guide to help you find their perfect size