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Nora Boots

Nora Boots

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PLEASE measure your little ones foot and choose the correct size accordingly 


Handmade from 100% genuine leather by our Nicaraguan artisans who have been perfecting their craft for decades.  Each shoe has a high quality flexible leather sole with rubber guards to prevent slipping. Crafted in the mindset for durability and sustainability.  Our new soles are made from leather and rubber, giving a more long lasting heirloom pair of shoes.  

Variations/imperfections of leather will occur due to the handmade nature of the shoes.  Our leather has a marbled look, so the lines will vary on every pair.

Sizing Tips:  We recommend sizing up once in our boots.



 Conversions - 

please measure your little ones foot from heel to toe when placed flat on the floor

Size 22 would fit for a foot 14cm long 

23 - 14.5cm

24 - 15.2cm

25 - 16cm

27 - 17cm

28 - 17.8cm


Sizing Tips - 

 How to measure 

First Method:

(Picture in the photos) 

1.  Place your child's foot on a piece of paper, while standing up.

2.  Mark the top of their big toe, with a writing utensil. 

3.  Mark the back of their heel, with a writing utensil. 

4.  Measure between the two lines drawn on paper.

Now match their foot measurement with our insole measurement on our sizing chart! 


For boots, we suggest sizing up only once!

For example - 

If your child's foot is 5.5" then we would suggest a size a size 23 in boots not the 22. 

- What if my child's foot is between sizes?

Round up to the nearest size


- How do you measure your shoes to get their right sizing?

We do NOT measure the bottom sole.  We measure from the back heel stitch and where the child's big toe will land.

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