Adventura Sandals

Adventura Sandals

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Aventura in Spanish means adventure!  We can't begin to imagine all the fun childhood adventures your little ones will do in these dainty huarache sandals.  The sweet detail of the woven look with a precious bow will stand out in its true artist form of design.

Design Details

Handmade from 100% genuine leather by Nicaraguan craftsmen. Our artisans have been perfecting their craft for decades!  Our leather is cut, designs are stamped, logo is pressed, and completely pieced together by hand.  Your child will truly be wearing a piece of art that can be passed down as an heirloom, filled with everyday memories.

Sizing Tips

We do not suggest sizing up in our sandals.  They may fit later in season, but not for immediate use.

Shoe measurements 

Measure by tracing around your little ones foot on a piece of paper and measure from heel to toe - add one cm for wiggle room


21 - 15cm

22 - 15.5cm

23 - 16cm

24 - 17cm

25 - 17.5cm

26 - 18.5cm

27 - 19cm

28 - 19.5cm

29 - 20cm